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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in PLACES AND THINGS | 0 comments

Top 5 Breweries in Tampa Bay

Brewing beer is an extremely strong tradition here in Tampa. This unfortunately comes as a surprise to a lot of people, as if they’ve never heard of Busch Gardens before! ThisBarrel Floating in the Ocean theme park began as a brewery, with the success of the company expanding into the construction of gardens around the facility, and eventually the rides and the zoo. Back when I was a kid, all of east Tampa smelled of sweet hops when the brewery was in full swing. They even gave out free samples to anyone at the park! These days, home brewing has caught on to such an extent that, all across the country, a wealth of independent microbreweries have opened their doors, with many choosing to take on the beast in Busch. Tampa Bay is now a thriving epicenter of handcrafted artisan beer production for all of Florida.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company is located in Ybor, the heart of many Tampa trends. This place is unbelievable and looks like a constant fiesta. They serve a huge assortment of beers, glorious food, and they give brewery tours all in the traditional brick Ybor setting. This place is open most of the day, but shines brighter at night, providing just the right amount of romance for a night away from the kids.

Yuengling Brewery in Tampa is the oldest brewery in America. They started in PA, but moved part of their production here in 1999; Tampa has never been the same. They since have bought the old Stroh’s Brewery and haven’t stopped crafting some of the finest ale in the country. They’re not a microbrewery, but they are tasty all the same.

Cigar City Brewing is a local treat. They are known for their ability to make iconic Tampa beers like their Florida Cracker pale ale, Jai Alai India pale ale, Tampa Bay Brew Bus, and Tocobaga red ale (named after the local indigenous peoples of Tampa Bay). Cigar City Brewing is exceptional with a sense of humor. They are serious both about beer and having fun.

Florida Avenue Ales in central Tampa is known for their four perfected beers that are shipped all over the world. They are a micro, but mighty, and you need to stop here for a gulp.

Saint Somewhere is known for their Belgian style ales. They are large bottled low alcohol pale beers that make you feel like you’re finally using your taste buds properly. Located in Tarpon Springs, they’re only a hop, skip, and a jump from Tampa. Visiting this Greek-settled city is well worth the trip  for not only the beers but the tarpon fishing and incredible Greek food. There’s no downside to this brewery. I love it.

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