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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Drinks, History, PLACES AND THINGS, St Pete Saints | 2 comments

All Things English In Tampa Bay – I mean England

uk grunge flag

Nicolas Raymond / Flickr / Creative Commons

If you are looking for all things English in the Tampa Bay area this is the list to start your exploration. For some reason, Brits have resettled the South and have found new homes in Florida and parts of Georgia. Perhaps, it is the southern culture or the weather, but the people of the South and the British have become, how shall we say, “cousins”. The Floridians appreciate the very English manners and both sides love tea (although, we ice ours). We are becoming very happy bedfellows. Few things are as fine as a real hot cup of English tea and warm scones. Few things are as comforting as real British fish and chips (with a beer).

London Pride

14100 Walsingham Road
Largo, Florida 33774

London Pride is the store front on Walsingham road that I had been hearing about for years. I am so glad I stopped in, because I found Curley Wurley’s and Flake’s (my favorite). I also found the best scones this side of the pond. Scones are fresh made all week long and they offer fruit or plain. London Pride also has amazing cultural items like flags, teapots, and cards. Do not miss the food items like Mushy Peas, lemon curd and the best English Breakfast tea in Florida– because it is from England. London Pride is a must-see stop in your exploration of the Tampa Bay area and our diversity.

Jack’s London Grill

1050 62nd Avenue North
St Petersburg, Florida 33702

Jack’s London Grill has everything a British pub should– Pies, Pasties and tons of beer. Scotch eggs and roast beef round out the menu; and of course, the staple fish and chips. Great location and great service.

Jacks London English Grill

Courtesy of Jacks London Grill

Moon Under Water

332 Beach Drive North East
St Petersburg, Florida 33701

The best British faire in downtown. Best fish and chips, great beer and the atmosphere is heaven. Homey and quaint with St Pete panache and location is divine. Happy hour is 3p-7pm, Monday to Friday and open just in time for brunch on Sunday.

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Audra Christian

Audra M. Christian is an avid writer, and a knower of all things in Tampa Bay. She is a native St Pete saint and lives in St Pete, Florida with her husband, motley crew of daughters and tiny little maltese, Zsazsa Gabor.

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  1. You need to distinguish between British and English. You are either English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish depending on where you were born but you are all British. If you were naturalized you are just British.

    • I learn something everyday. I had no idea.Thanks for sharing that information!

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