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Posted by on Oct 5, 2013 in Landscape | 0 comments

The Five Tallest Buildings in Tampa

The first high-rise building in Tampa was built in 1913, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the real estate boom began, with the influx of Yankees from all over the north. Modern Architecture in Downtown of Tampa, Florida USAThe city grew by leaps and bounds, with businesses moving to Tampa, followed by employees and their families. The 1980s saw the largest growth period in Tampa’s history. I personally remember visiting my cousins in the early 80s at their house off of Providence Road. Back then, Providence was literally a two-lane road without street lights. By the 1990s, Providence became a main artery of traffic out of the heart of Tampa and is now an 8-lane highway with businesses all up and down it. Gone are the farms and dairies and swamps that once dominated the green belt of Tampa, we are now a sprawling metropolis.

The 1980s brought many massively tall building to Tampa, growing from the soil like Jack’s beanstalk. By 2013, it was recorded that 23 highrises were awaiting approval from the City of Tampa. Now, Tampa is second in the state for skyscrapers only after Miami, and the city is showing no signs of slowing down. Here are the five tallest buildings in downtown Tampa.

  1. 100 North Tampa is the tallest building on the Gulf Coast, and boasts a surprisingly unique look. It looks like a normal skyscraper, but with a huge 5 story penthouse on the very top. It was built in 1992 and hits 579 feet in height. Trump Towers was supposed to be built in 2006, and would’ve dwarfed 100 North Tampa, but soil inconsistencies were found and the project was scrapped. Happily, 100 North Tampa retains its title as tallest building in the Gulf Coast.
  2. The BOA building, or Bank of America Plaza, is the second tallest building in Tampa. It was finished in 1987 and towers an impressive 577 feet. Originally known as the Barnett Building, it was bought by Bank of America in the 90s.
  3. One Tampa City Center was finished in 1981 and was the absolute tallest building in the state of Florida until Southeast Financial Center was built in 1984 in Miami. This building stands at 531 feet, and is your typical mirrored building that you see in any major city.
  4. Suntrust Financial Centre was finished in 1992 and stands at 525 feet. This building has a unique feature; a humongous white pyramid sits on the pinnacle. I personally love this building during the holidays, as the SunTrust building sports green and red lights on its pyramid in December, and red, white, and blue lights in July. The Suntrust Building is very pretty with lots of shiny blue glass.
  5. Element is the 460-foot tall high rise luxury housing building in downtown Tampa. It’s exceptionally pretty and houses tons of well-to-do people.
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