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Posted by on Jun 23, 2015 in Activities, PLACES AND THINGS, Shopping, Tampanians | 0 comments

South Tampa Home Decor Shoppes – Reinvigorate Your Home

vintage lamp and fan in South Tampa Home Decor Shoppes

Nacho Rascón / Flickr / Creative Commons

South Tampa Home Decor Shoppes are some of the best in the area. If anyone knows flash and glamour it is south Tampa, it is these shoppes. For decades decorators have kept the south Tampa secret and around the 90’s the Average-Joe caught on to the south Tampa decorating connection. That lead to home decor shoppes opening up all over south Tampa and the following are some of the best. So now everyone can decorate like they have hired someone without the heavy price tag.

South Tampa Home Decor Shoppes :

Relic Tampa Home and Garden

3517 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33629

Relic is simply amazing. They carry brocante style furnishings and garden elements– something every style could absorb. Relic adds an elegant touch to every corner of their store. I strongly suggest taking time to go into their Garden Elements outside to find something to add to your garden, too.

rustic furniture in South Tampa Home Decor Shop

French Finds / Flickr / Creative Commons

Oh Whatever Decor at Forty Three Oh Three 

3612 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33629

Talk about a trendy place. Oh Whatever’s Decor lends a cool vintage vibe to the south Tampa decorating scene. They were able to take the shabby chic sensibilities and add a touch of vintage fun to it creating a unique shoppe to find your next decorating bits or piece. Gotta check them out. Bring your camera.

Girls of Summer House

3620 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33629

Girls of Summer House is a breath of fresh air. They bring a touch of modern country into the south Tampa area. Their esthetics seem to be a combo of Pennsylvania dutch meets Florida seashore– heavy with colors like deep reds and shiny black. Eye-catching and dramatic, their designs juxtapose them against every decor shop in the area.

Wisteria Antiques

2718 South MacDill Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33629

Wisteria Antiques is not just a neat antique store but more of a decor store where you can find pieces that not just decorate but are usable. I added them to the decor shoppes because I find their look to be more upscale than antique-y and every corner of their shoppe holds some kind of treasure that will complete a room, create a focal point or bring some color into an area crying for attention. They also offer fantastic vintage jewelry and human finery. Do not miss Wisteria.

D & D Antiques

4709 North Florida Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33603

D & D is another antique store that is more of a decor store that decorators would visit looking for unique pieces for a client. They not only sell beautiful pieces, they repair and restore pieces, too. They can repair wood, cane and veneer damage– they do a quality job. They offer layaway, delivery and dealer space, too. They also accept consignment for furniture in good repair.

Rattan Table and Chairs, Vintage, Wicker

Wicker Paradise / Flickr / Creative Commons

Cap Murals

813-777-5361 Juan-Pablo
813-477-2652 Vanessa

Cap Murals is bringing back the mural. Few people have the skill it takes to add brush to paint and create a truly stunning mural, but Cap Mural has it. They create impressive murals that personalize a space and faux finishes that save a ton of cash while adding fun. They also specialize in Venetian Plaster, which as we all know, is the pinnacle of glamour. By appointment only.

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