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Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mayor of Tampa State of the City Address by Mayor Buckhorn

Mayor Buckhorn of Tampa had his State of the City Address today and made five promises to it’s citizens.   He committed light-hearted poking at Mayor Kriseman of St. Petersburg,  went over the city’s accomplishments  under his administration and ended with his promises for the city by the end of his term.  I liked his list of promises for the city of Tampa because for Tampa they tend to make sense.

Mayor Buckhorn would like to see light  from Tampa to Pinellas county to facilitate a better fiscal relationship between St. Pete, Tampa and Clearwater.  The rail would ideally link the city-centers of St. Pete with Clearwater and South Tampa and help the cities share tourism, business and play.

He mentioned partnering with private businesses to bring in a bike share program.  Love.  My many trips to DC (they have a bike share program) made me wonder why the City of St. Pete did not have a bike share program that ran from downtown to the beaches so his proposal of  a bike share program is just on time.  A bike share in South Tampa makes sense, but outside of that it does not sense you really need a car to sight see Tampa…it’s all cars.

He promised five more high-rises in South Tampa.  Tampa has a load of young professionals and needs more housing in the city centers, but not on the outskirts so location is key on this promise.  But looking forward to it.

The final promise was that he wanted to see a  grocery store in South Tampa.  Mayor Buckhorn,…we just got a Trader Joe’s, so we are good now!

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