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Le Tour de Banc Vert Events Tampa 2014

Le Tour de Banc Vert Tampa Bay

It is Le Tour time, again, and who is not on their bike in a celebratory mood?  Who is not cycling with the voice over of Phil Legget running through their minds?  Cycling and St. Pete go hand in hand.  Know what is perfect after a long (or short) ride?  Beer.  Beer is a very good recovery drink after a ride.  Even Henri Pellisier commented that in the 1920’s Le Tour riders were fortifying themselves with beer, champagne and tons of wine during the 3 weeks of the tour and who are we to argue with a tradition like that?   In the great downtown area of St. Pete, four local breweries have come together to form the quadfecta of beer and cycling.  The name of the game is “Le Tour de Banc Verts”.   How to play?  Pick a day before the the Tour de France ends to ride your bike to the four St. Pete Breweries and take a picture of yourself holding a beer with your bike at each stop.  Finish at Green Bench and show them the photos (you should have 3 photos total, one at each brewery) then you will receive your free Green Bench beer.  This event will be over on July 27th.  Limited time only.

“The concept is to enjoy watching the Tour de France, encourage biking as sustainable transportation, as well as enjoy and support local businesses/breweries…We at Green Bench want to help promote all the fantastic features of St. Pete, not just our own brewery.  We all succeed together.”
-Jerry Span, Creative Director of Green Bench Brewery 

Le Tour de Banc Vert:

Stage One:  3 Daughters Brewing

3 Daughter’s Brewing is the brewery located on 22nd street South in St. Pete. It has the punchy personality of a rebel beermeister gone mad, then gone hip.  3DB  has wild impressive craft beers – like 3db Extra Special Bitter, Black Tip Porter, and White Ibis Kolsch.  They have the Apple Pie Brown Ale (hello?), 3DB Hefeweizen, and the popular Beach Blonde Ale.  Pretty much any brew that you grab at this brewery will please, tease, and bring you back for more.  What is wrong with more beer?  Nothing.

222 22nd St S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
(727) 495-6002

Stage Two: Cycle Brewing

Cycle Brewing originally began in Peg’s Cantina in Gulfport, but it is now part of the St. Pete brewing culture.  With a name like “Cycle” you know they are huge supporters of the biking community.  They are also the creators of Double Barrel Whiskey DDT with Hazelnut, Cream & Sugar Please, Chain Slap, and Tang & Biscuits.  Make sure you have cash for this stop because they do not accept credit cards.

534 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 320-7954

Stage Three: St. Pete Brewing Co.

St. Pete Brewing Co. reads the minds of all the St. Pete Saints.  Proof?  The St. Pete Orange Wheat, Pinellas Pale Ale, Goliath Grouper Imperial Stout, and “Here Comes Sunshine” Summer Ale.  How is all that for proof?  Do not believe me?  Come visit St. Pete Brewing Co. and see for yourself.

544 1st Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Fl 33705
(727) 692-8809

Arc de Triomphe:  Green Bench Brewery

bike beer Le Tour de Banc Vert is the quadfecta of cycling & beer in St. Pete. It's the perfect way to enjoy the Tour de France & St. Pete Breweries together.Green Bench Brewery has the uncanny knack of mixing the history of St. Pete with their brews.  For instance, only a native Saint would know that the downtown area used to be lined with green benches.  The green benches were what made the city so walkable. Now, it is the beer that is making the downtown so walkable.  Green Bench offers up the Green Bench IPA – soft citrus and earth pine, with subtle notes of tropical fruit and a dry  bitter finish make this so tantalizing.  Their Maximo Milk Stout with its dark, sweet, full-bodied – and slightly roast notes of caramel. Coffee and espresso sound like they would pair well with a PB&J on pumpernickel (I will try this next time I am there).  Summertime  at Green Bench is all about the Saison de Banc Vert (the season of the Green Bench).  The Banc Vert is a lighter more effervescent oak fermented farmhouse ale with fruity and spicy flavors – that sounds down right refreshing in the summer heat.  Make the Green Bench Brewery your last stop for Le Tour de Banc Vert and receive a free beer with your photo proof.

1133 Baum Ave N.
St. Petersburg, Fl 33713
(727) 800-9836


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Audra M. Christian is an avid writer, and a knower of all things in Tampa Bay. She is a native St Pete saint and lives in St Pete, Florida with her husband, motley crew of daughters and tiny little maltese, Zsazsa Gabor.

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