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Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Activities, History, Landscape, PLACES AND THINGS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Horse Communities around Tampa Bay

horse running in field in tampa bay florida

photophilde / Flickr / Creative Commons

Looking for Horse Communities around Tampa Bay? There are a ton of horse communities that can give you the lifestyle you and your pony need. City-horse, country-horse, it is your choice.


Seminole is so much more than retirement central for St Pete cops and sheriff deputies.  Yes, it has an amazing location, as the city of Seminole is smack dab in between the cities of St Petersburg and Clearwater. Not that Seminole is a city (it is more of a very large barrio that decided it did not want to belong to Clearwater or St Pete, therefore it stubbornly staked its own claim as being a city). It does life its own way. If St Pete and Pinellas Park had a love child, wait, I can not even continue with this thought. If Clearwater and Pinellas Park had a love child, that child would be Seminole. Imagine the rural-ness of Pinellas Park with the codes department and city planning of Clearwater coming together to create the perfect enviroment for farm life– or at least farm yard life that would be Seminole. Platted out with proper city neighborhoods and developments, with deed restrictions and located right next to Indian Rocks Beach, Seminole really does have the best of both worlds. That best includes horses. Rarely does a day go by, and never a weekend, when one does not see a horse trotting down the street. Mind you, this is a city. There are yards here (not country acreage) and they’re with an acre and sometimes two acres. However, most yards are just a little over an average city sized yard and people have horses. Need some room to let your pony gallop? No problem as Walsingham Park has horse trails. If you are a city horse person, Seminole is your place to live.

horse eating in tampa pasture

William Murphy / Flickr / Creative Commons

Turkey Creek

If you crave country, pronounced “kuntray, Turkey Creek is the place for you. Unincorporated,  just west of Plant City and south of Interstate 4, Turkey Creek is beautiful and located a mere 20 minutes out of Tampa. What is the draw to Turkey Creek? Horses and lots of them. For decades Turkey Creek was where all city folk from Tampa and Pinellas County would go to ride “real” horses. I almost killed myself on a retired polo pony once out in Turkey Creek. It was actually the most fun I ever had on a horse, until my friend was almost thrown off her horse and we city folk handed in the equine and left.  The Turkey Creek area is near Lithia Pinecrest, which is a high-end farming community. Yes, yuppies have farms. Natural springs, fresh horse dung and hundreds of live oaks round out the ambiance of Turkey Creek.

girl riding horse in tampa florida

Rob Bixby / Flickr / Creative Commons

Pinellas Park

Pinellas Park was the rural place in Pinellas county forever. In the early 20th century it was known as the “Heart of Greater St Petersburg”, but little by little over the last 30 years Pinellas Park has changed. It used to be that every little St Pete girl that owned a horse had it boarded in Pinellas Park. Over time the farms have sold out and moved to Tampa or Seminole, but some stables have held on. These stables are the family owned stables off of 62nd Avenue and back by the Wagon Wheel flea market. Oh, to turn back time and revisit all the horse farms. Sadly, most are gone. To this day, the Hay and Feed still stands and operates off Park Boulevard.

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