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Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Activities, PLACES AND THINGS, Shopping, St Pete Saints | 2 comments

Shoppes of Grand Central District in Saint Petersburg

trinkets for sale in Grand Central District in St Petersburg

Lara Cerri : VISIT FLORIDA Editor / Flickr / Creative Commons

One of the best kept secrets of Saint Petersburg is the Grand Central District. People come from all around to shop the Grand Central District. This impressive collection of businesses took root about a decade ago. When I was a teen I remember Central Avenue was not a place you would like to be found. In the 80’s, this area was run-down and dangerous. But, the Ray’s moved in and built the Trop and a few fledgling businesses tested their wings on Central Avenue. The city has never looked back. Who would have thought our city would be so progressive back then?

I have a few favorite places that I check out each time I hit the Grand Central District, which is about twice a month. I cannot help but look for that special piece that will complete a room or inspire a story. Some of these businesses are antique shoppes and some are vintage stores, but all are inspiring none the less. I hope you enjoy these shoppes as much as I do and stop to chat with the owners. They are a wealth of knowledge.

Antique Shoppes in Grand Central District:


2531  Central Avenue
Saint Petersburg, Florida

reFound has a great collection of chandeliers and large items for the home. They usually have an array of larger candlesticks, sconces and lamps. I passed up on a pair of marble lamps that I am still kicking myself over a few years ago. Ugh, I wish I could go back in time and nab them. I think you will find this shoppe something special. Words cannot do reFound justice. You must stop by and see for yourself.

vintage candlesticks in a Grand Central District shoppe

Didriks / Flickr / Creative Commons

Janet’s Antiques

2545 Central Avenue
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Janet’s Antiques is always fun. They carry everything from antique clothes to furniture and vintage finds. An hour or more would be useful when visiting Janet’s since there is so much to look at and discover. Bring your wallet, you will want everything. Bring your camera phone, too, you have to try some of the clothes on.

Vintage Designs by Lillie Victoria

2530 Central Avenue
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Vintage Designs by Lille Victoria is a fun shoppe filled to the top with shabby chic finds and lovely french antiques. Do not miss Vintage Designs by Lillie Victoria.

The White Elephant

2536 Central Avenue
Saint Petersburg, Florida

The White Elephant is one of the coolest shoppes. There is a wide variety of furniture, accessories and art inside– but they also have a pretty snazzy outside area in the back. The store just keeps on unfolding and offering a little more as you walk through it. Filled with the most unique items, the White Elephant is worth the visit.

vintage flower glassware

jessie essex / Flickr / Creative Commons

Buster’s Antiques

2538 Central Avenue
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Buster’s offers vintage furniture and pieces with a mid-century modern twist and a dash of Asian influence. They also offer workshops designed around Annie Sloan. Why not take a workshop then head over to Taco Bus for lunch?

The Iron Pelican Antiques and Home Decor

1920 1St Avenue South
Saint Petersburg, Florida

The Iron Pelican has everything you can imagine and I am not just saying that. They have furniture, lighting, accessories, artwork and more. They sell these items in rehabbed condition, shabby, chic or natural condition. Everyone in the area knows about the Iron Pelican because it has great prices and quality products. Conveniently located on 1st Ave South– there is no reason not to stop.

The Brocante Market

2200 2nd Avenue South
Saint Petersburg, Florida

The true shopaholics know about the Brocante Market. The Brocante, as it is known by the locals, is one of the coolest experiences ever. Literally watch items get purchased and carried out as you are walking around the market. People go to the Brocante in the mood to buy, so if you see something you like you need to grab it immediately. You go to the Brocante with an item in mind and grab it as soon as you see it because it will not be there for another five minutes. They specialize in vintage and anything goes.

antique birdcage in St Petersburg shop

Emily Carlin / Flickr / Creative Commons

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Audra Christian

Audra M. Christian is an avid writer, and a knower of all things in Tampa Bay. She is a native St Pete saint and lives in St Pete, Florida with her husband, motley crew of daughters and tiny little maltese, Zsazsa Gabor.

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  1. I need directions from New port Richey I’m on 54 abd US 19 please forward directions to central ave in st Pete where all the stores are and when they are open what days and hours thank you Mary Ann

    • Hi Mary Ann, it you take the Veteran’s to 275 and take 275 to the 5th Avenue exit. Then take 5th Avenue to 16th Street and make a right at 16th Street then take a right at Central you will be on the main drag with all of these stores. Plan on making it a day trip. Bring a friend. Tons of cafes and bistros to grab lunch. Enjoy! When you go upload a few pics to our Facebook page! Show us how much fun you had.

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