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Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Food, PLACES AND THINGS, St Pete Saints | 0 comments

The Best Ice Cream In Tampa Bay

Working Cow Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Working Cow Ice Cream

The best ice cream in Tampa Bay is Working Cow Ice Cream. Sure, there are big name brands like Haagen Daaz and Godiva, but when one wants locally made really good ice cream choose Working Cow. Working Cow Ice Cream is a St Pete treasure created and grown here in town. It is carried in ice cream shoppes all over Florida and all the big shoppes locally carry Working Cow. It is the local and not so local staple.

Working Cow Ice Cream

Working Cow Ice Cream is the essence of good ice cream. Working Cow is made from good ingredients and is still made in smaller batches and packed by hand. They give FREE tours so you can see how wonderful they are for yourself. The tour takes you through the entire factory– including the packing room, work rooms and even lets you peek into the below 20 degree storage room. Even though this seems like a major corporation due to their long delivery reach, they are a small business with local roots and a great local impact. Businesses like Working Cow are what makes our local economy so strong.

mint working cow ice cream

Photo courtesy of Working Cow Ice Cream

As for the flavors, they have some amazing flavors that set them apart from the major brands. They have Vanilla Bean. I am a chocolate person, but I really like their Vanilla Bean. They have SuperMan ice cream– which is amazing! They created a Toasted Coconut, which being a native of the tropics I can say is to die for. Sometimes, they add chocolate nibs to the Toasted Coconut and it has flavors of buttery coconut, sweet cream and chocolate nibs (with or without the chocolate it is heaven). Their Chocolate Peanut Butter is a peanut butter lovers dream because it has a darker chocolate flavor with ribbons of real peanut butter throughout. Not too sweet and slightly salty. Yum. They make a Mint Chocolate Chip that puts Breyers to shame, per my hubby. They have a Cookie Monster ice cream that is perfection and rivals any other brands Cookies n’ Cream, plus it is blue. Kids are so cute with the blue mustache from the Cookie Monster ice cream. And they carry seasonal ice cream as well. Last summer they had Lemon Berry which tasted like 4th of July. I wonder what they will have this summer. Now that you are drooling and you would like some Working Cow, there are only two ways to get your hands on the Working Cow ice cream brand.

Home Delivery/Online Purchase 

It is super quick and easy to do. Just order here. No regrets.

Visit the Shoppes that carry it:

Super Scoops

11025 Gulf Boulevard
Treasure Island, Florida

Super Scoops is the world-famous, locally loved ice cream parlor filled to the rafters with ice cream and candy. The owners are amazing and will become old friends. They not only carry the best flavors Working Cow has to offer, but also Boars Head soups. Ask for the chili, but only after a large cup of Working Cow.

Kooky Coconut

760 Gulf Boulevard
Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Kooky Coconut is the best ice cream shoppe on Indian Rocks Beach. Not only do they serve up Working Cow ice cream, but also the areas best cubans. Kooky Coconuts is the ideal place to hit after toasting on the beach all day. Grab some ice cream to replace electrolytes, cuban for protein and you can go to bed that night knowing you have been completely recharged, body, soul and mind.

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