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The Best Holistic Centers St. Petersburg Turns To

Holistic Centers St. Petersburg woman massage

The best holistic centers St. Petersburg turns to is a long list of various practitioners and professionals with a proven track record in St. Petersburg.  These stores, doctors, and practitioners focus on the whole body – not the symptom directed medicine or philosophies of modern medicine, or exercise.  If you are new to the holistic approach to health, this list of businesses will welcome you with open arms.

Holistic Centers St. Petersburg:

Sandhya Skincare

Susan, at Sandhya Skincare, is phenomenal when it comes to skin care and hair removal.  She knows that when you look good, you feel good – no task is too hard for her.  Susan does facials and hair removal.  She specializes in sugaring versus waxing, and is the only person for miles who does.  What is sugaring?  Traditionally, one would go to a spa and have hot wax placed wherever the hair removal will be done, then a piece of fabric is laid down and pressed over the hot wax then unceremoniously ripped off.  Very painful. If you get wax on a stubborn hair that will not come out, or you lose your nerve, you are going home with solid wax stuck to you,  Not with sugar.  Sugaring is done with warm balls of sugar paste, rubbed on your skin and tiny manageable pulls are done and virtually pain-free.  Lose your nerve and just can not do it?  It washes off.  Susan also offers eyebrow threading for those of you who prefer the personalized attention to your brows instead of the assembly line style at kiosks at the local mall.

236 Fourth Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

Rollin’ Oats

The Rollin’ Oats store has been a favorite St. Pete haunt since it was literally a deli counter with a few supplements.  Today, it is huge.  It has a full-service deli, any sort of milk you could ever need, foods for any dietary dilemma, and a very convenient location.  One more word on their cafe, try it.  It will not disappoint you.

2842 MLK Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

Synergy Studios

Where to go when you need to be recharged?  Synergy Studios.  Synergy Studios has swedish massage, therapeutic, and specialty massage such as Ashiatsu therapy, Traditional Thai and Ashi-Thai massage.  Synergy Studios also has personal training and group training with a focus on increasing strength, flexibility, while decreasing body fat.  Pricing is reasonable for services of this quality. With the focus on holistic practices aiming towards whole health, you know the training will have long-term health benefits lacking with most main stream gyms and trainers.  I have heard tale that Trish is an unbelievable massage therapist, and lucky you, she is at Synergy.

333 1St Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida

Great American Natural Products

holistic centers st. petersburg insence great american

via Flickr :: Guillermo Viciano

I have been going to Great American on 16th Street since it was only essential oils and whole food bins.  Now, Great American is a way to treat your senses with soaps, oils, perfumes, herbs, jewelry – basically everything you could imagine under one roof.  You can buy base oils, and essential oils, (rare and common) by the dram, ounce and liter.  You can  pick up incense like aloes wood, myrrh, and sandalwood. They now have herbs, too. Talk about treating the senses. They really mean it.  They have items for children and boutique jewelry.  This unassuming store is a goldmine of health and happiness. I personally cannot get enough of Great American.

4121 16th Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33703

The Body Electric Yoga Company

What can be said about the Body Electric Yoga Company?  You need to visit their website to fully appreciate all of the amazing things they have to offer.  I do not even know how to cut their mission down to a quick excerpt, but I will try. The yoga classes include, but are not limited to, Power Vinyasa, prenatal, Hatha, Power Flow, Yoga toolbox, and the list goes on and on.  They do events, like traveling yoga workshops, to places like Costa Rica and beyond.  They welcome and encourage beginners to very advanced yoga practitioners.  Their payment options are the best I have seen.  The Beerasana Blog is beautiful and the teachers are simply impressive.

685 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

Ascended Healthcare

Ascended Healthcare provides acupuncture, herbology, Qi Gong classes, and even herbal workshops.  At Ascended Healthcare, the practitioner gives each patient undivided attention. He spends time with patients, as he uses alternative medical treatments as a way to treat many chronic conditions. If you are suffering from chronic pain, hormonal changes, weakness, allergies or simply want to learn about ways to combat aging without surgery – then Ascended Healthcare is the place to go. Ascended Healthcare has over 14 years of providing traditional Chinese medicine and alternative treatments in the Tampa Bay Area.

236 Fourth Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

Above the Barre

Above the Barre is one amazing powerhouse of a pilates studio. The owner has an amazingly fit physique and can instruct you on how to get your carcass into quick shape, too.  I have met her students that swear by her classes and they rave of their flat tummies, lifted derriere and thin upper arms.  The kicker is the first class is free.  Sounds like a win win to me.  Above the Barre has two locations to serve you.

6798 Crosswinds Drive North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

3326 MLK Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

Reiki 4 Well Being

Reiki is the spiritual practice that supports healing through a gentle, hands-on touch.  I personally have seen how reiki can encourage better healing after surgery than just letting a surgical wound heal on its own.  Reiki 4 Well Being has EFT tapping and reiki treatments, as well as reiki classes and training.  Reiki is one of the most important elements in healing and is often neglected simply because people have not heard of reiki. Check out Reiki 4 Well Being.  EFT is something that people do naturally without even realizing it. You are stressed so you rub your brows.  You are feeling sluggish and you rub your hands around you like a hug.  These points are something that even though we do naturally, having a trained professional run through these points to kick start or relieve your system will help you immensely. Try an EFT session and see how if frees you .

2915 State Road 590
Clearwater, Florida 33758

Rande James Cosmetics

Okay, they are not in St. Petersburg, but they are if you order them. Rande James has a passion for chemical free makeup and skincare. Their entire line is cruelty-free and vegan. They used to only sell to professionals but now they are available to everyone.  Their products are on trend and the color options can make anyone happy, from granola art teacher to punk rocker.

855-304-3466 to order

Earth Origins

Earth Origins is the largest whole food stores in Tampa Bay. One can find everything from vegan/gluten-free products, to whole grain/nut allergy products, to carnivore whole grain products.  Any combo of any dietary issue can be found at Earth Origins, and they send out monthly coupons. Hello, best of both worlds. They are so economical that I buy all my supplements from Earth Origins. Between their sales and store coupons, I do better there than at the grocery store. Plus, the quality is off the charts.  Whatever you need, from wheat grass to happy cow milk, Nature’s Finest has it all.

6651 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

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